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Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements 21 CFR 111 Assessment

An in depth 21 CFR 111 audit written for internal assessments and audit professionals.

An assessment by Cary Black, CQE, PCQI

This assessment addresses Current Good Manufacturing Procedures in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, and Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements.

This comprehensive assessment addresses policies, procedures, training, records, facilities, equipment, materials, and product operations. The assessment addresses:

  • Gap Identification
  • Management of Corrective Actions
  • Quality and Safety Improvement
  • Risk Management

About the author

Cary Black is an accomplished and results-driven analytical chemist, ASQ certified quality engineer (CQE), QMS Auditor, Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI), and GMP consultant.

He has multiple skill sets and 30+ years of experience in the development of training programs, analytical laboratory experience, quality control, and assurance.