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Validating a Best Practice

In management literature, you will often encounter the concept of Best Practice. However, until recently no method was available to assess a Best Practice.

An assessment by

Is your 'best practice' really the best?

Based on the book, Validating a Best Practice this program provides a guided assessment with embedded reference knowledge to identify gaps for improvement activities and evaluate if a proclaimed good or best practice is worthy of this title. It's perfect for developing processes that lead to total quality.

About the authors

Yves Van Nuland has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Leuven (Belgium). He is a trainer and senior consultant at Comatech Ltd, Belgium and QMS Germany, and an expert in management methods.

Grace L. Duffy is a member of ATD, ISPI, and ASQ. She is an ASQ Fellow, 2014 recipient of the ASQ Distinguished Service Medal, Quality Magazine’s 2014 Quality Person of the Year, and the 2016 Milflora M. Gatchalian Medal for International Women of Quality recipient from the Asia Pacific Quality Organization.

Publisher: Productivity Press, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group