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Colorado Cannabis Standards and Regulations Bundle

Colorado Cannabis Standards and Regulations Bundle includes assessments for Colorado state marijuana regulation compliance, CannaGMP Good Manufacturing Practices and an effective Quality Management System.

An assessment by Jet Stream Innovations with CK Black Group

Our complete bundle for cannabis operations in Colorado

The regulations are becoming increasingly complex, particularly with more emphasis on Food Safety and Quality Management. How do you continue to maintain compliance to run your business and focus on the reasons you are in business? Self-assess, discover your gaps, and create a template for your regulatory solutions; all without the need for expensive consultants.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Colorado CCR 212-3 regulated marijuana operation compliance assessment.
  • CannaGMP Good Manufacturing Practices for the cannabis industry assessment.
  • QMS Assessment for an effective quality management system.
  • An hour of consulting every week! Meet weekly on our Colorado Cannabis video conference hosted by the authors. Get answers to your questions, learn tips and tricks, participate in interactive tutorials.

About the authors

Cary Black is an accomplished and results-driven analytical chemist, ASQ certified quality engineer (CQE), QMS Auditor, Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI), and GMP consultant.

Ed Nodland is cofounder and Director of operations of Jet Stream Innovations, the makers of GapCross. Ed is a member of ASTM International standard committees D60, Sustainability, and D37, Cannabis.