Getting Started Tutorial

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Each topic is followed by an image example.

The Dashboards

WHAT: The dashboards are described below.

HOW: Click "Dashboard" to select one of the five dashboards.

dashboard options

The Account Profile

WHAT: Manage your plan, update your display name that appears on assessment reports, manage subscriptions, and review invoices.

HOW: Click your account name to open the Profile dashboard. New accounts will display "Guest."

Subscription plans available June 2020

Profile Dashboard

The Marketplace Dashboard

WHAT: The marketplace is where you can acquire or market programs.

HOW: Select Dashboard >> Marketplace, then click Get for the program you want. The program will be added to your Program dashboard.

Marketplace Dashboard

The Client Dashboard

WHAT: Add client records for the businesses, organizations, or facilities that you assess. Assessments can be conducted without setting up client records but the subject aka client of your assessment, will not be shown on the report summary.

HOW: Select Dashboard >> Clients.

  • Click Add to add a new client record.
  • Click anywhere on an existing client record to edit the information.
  • Click the Trash can to delete a client record.

Client Dashboard

The Assessment Dashboard

WHAT: This dashboard is used to manage your assessments.

HOW: Select Dashboard >> Assessment.

1. To start a new assessment click Start,
2. Click Expand icon to expand the filter options or assessment details.
3. Click a column header to sort.
4. Click Menu icon to see the assessment menu options.

Assessment Dashboard

The Schedule Screen

WHAT: This screen is used start or schedule a new assessment.


1. Enter a name for the assessment.
2. Select an assessment program to use.
3. Select today to start now or a date to schedule.
4. Uncheck Prepare For to skip client selection, or
5. Click on a client entry to select the client for this assessment. Use the filter to narrow down the client list.
6. Click the Start or Schedule button to continue.

Schedule Screen

The Program Dashboard

WHAT: This dashboard is used to manage the programs you create or acquired from the marketplace.

HOW: Select Dashboard >> Programs.

Program Dashboard

Conducting an Assessment

WHAT: This panel is where you perform an assessment.

HOW: After starting an assessment from the "Assessment" dashboard you can:

1. Click or enter answers. TIP: Add comments and images first.
2. Enter a comment or explanation.
3. Add photos or attachments.
4. Review reference information and follow links for more Details.
5. Enter auditor note's that do not appear in the report.
6. Clear the answer and any comments.
7. Go back or skip to the next question.
8. Complete the assessment after all questions are answered to lock the results and produce the report.
9. Click Expand to expand/collapse the navigation panel on small devices.

Assessment Questions Panel

The Navigation Panel

GapCross Version 2

Version 1 of the GapCross assessment engine has been in production use since March 2018 as an enterprise offering. With the production release of Version 2, the platform is being launched. Custom assessment authoring, subscription plans, and marketplace publishing will be availble June 2020. Authoring is available on the enterprise platform today.

Contact us if there is a feature you'd like to have so we can follow your lead and bring you the value you expect.