No-Code Application Builder

GC App Builder

The perfect solution for businesses who want to quickly create custom assessment apps without any coding required. With GapCross, there's no need to hire expensive developers or learn how to code.

GapCross is perfect for a wide range of business applications, including:

  • Compliance audits
  • Standards assessments
  • Business Process checklists
  • Evidence gathering
  • Training Certification

Why Use The App Builder

GapCross makes it easy to create and deploy apps without expensive developers
Flexibility for a wide range of business applications
Easily add your branding, logo, and colors
Monetize your apps
Securely sync data in the cloud

A Unique Solution for Unique Concerns

Whether you're a company looking to streamline business processes or a consultant needing specialized assessment tools, GapCross is the perfect solution. With its no-code interface and easy customization options, it's quick and straightforward to create your own applications that meet your specific needs.