Frequently asked questions

These questions come up repeatedly when we discuss GapCross.

What exactly is GapCross

GapCross is a cloud-based Quality Assurance platform that enables the identification of gaps in daily operations and promotes consistent application of processes and work instructions. GapCross is used to perform applications such as a procedural checklist, data collection, internal assessments, third-party audits, and record retention.

You can easily

  • Create your own applications,
  • Use standard applications prebuilt by industry professionals, or
  • Work with our industry developers to transform your policies, processes, and training into applications that meet your requirements.

What problems does GapCross solve

For everyone

  • GapCross captures knowledge and transforms it into applications that promote the consistent performance of tasks such as assessments and procedures.
  • These tasks are performed easily without missing important details or remembering every small step to getting a job done right.

For managers

  • GapCross provides a structure to retain your business's knowledge to avoid loss due to personnel changes.
  • The performance of assessment and production processes is performed consistently across the staff.
  • A report and record are created for each assessment or production cycle to meet internal or regulatory record retention requirements.

For employees

  • GapCross applications reduce the time to learn how to perform an assessment or task correctly.
  • Applications can provide process tips and details when needed. This is especially helpful for a task that is performed infrequently or by backup personnel.

What are GapCross Apps

GapCross apps are procedural productivity tools. GapCross was designed for creating, performing, and reporting the results of assessments, inspections, and audits. Innovative users began creating procedural apps, training apps, test sample collection apps, logic tree apps for troubleshooting, and other types of apps.

Who Creates GapCross Apps

Anyone can use the No-Code Application Builder. Jet Stream Innovations, the creators of GapCross, and our industry partners can transform your assessment and process requirements into efficient apps. Some ready-to-use industry-standard apps can be acquired from the GapCross Marketplace dashboard.

How are GapCross Apps Created

GapCross apps are easily created using the No-Code Application Builder. Apps are basically procedures. The procedure can have one or more sections and each section has actions. The most common actions are questions and instructions. Different question types have different options for response options, action tips, detail references, logic rules, scoring design, and reporting options. During the creation process, apps can be tested and reports reviewed to perfect the procedure being developed.

What are the Benefits of Transforming a Procedure or Assessment Into an App

The obvious benefit is that the procedure is documented and when a team/staff member performs the procedure they will be following a set of standard steps. But it is far more than that. A procedure could be documented as a PDF, but this presents issues.

Paper procedures and assessment checklists can't

  • Link to volumes of reference material
  • Use queries to locate specific steps or assessment questions
  • Automatically calculate scoring
  • Be used by a team across remote locations
  • Reliably track who did what when
  • Automatically skip sections and questions that are not applicable
  • Instantly create reports
  • Manage corrective actions, procedure improvements, and interactive responses

Two Key Benefits of Apps

  1. By maintaining and following apps with details of your business knowledge new employees learn how to correctly perform tasks quickly and the knowledge does not leave when employees do.
  2. When a procedure or assessment is updated and published it is instantly deployed to all of your staff so only the latest version is used. There are no obsolete files or print copies.

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