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No-Code Application Builder

GC App Builder

This is a simple, code-free way for companies and consultants to create and deploy custom business apps quickly.

Experience the Force of Knowledge

A Sanitation Assessment App for Food/Supplement Manufacturers

Experience how knowledge captured in apps provides education and exposes operational risks that are easily overlooked.
Try this assessment at no-cost.

Don't wait for a warning letter, fine, recall, or bad press

Colorado Marijuana Rules, 1 CCR 212-3

Regulatory compliance can be easy. You don't need an expensive consultant to figure it out. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your business is compliant with all state regulations.

Do You Want the Basics of Food Safety?

This food safety assessment gets to the point

This assessment addresses the daily practices that must occur to ensure you are doing the right stuff to produce safe food products. It is a great tool for educating your entire production staff. This assessment covers 115 key practices that all employees must understand.

Identify areas that will have the most impact

CannaGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Don't wait for an incident, a customer complaint, or a recall to learn about hidden risks. A risk assessment for the cannabis industry.

Reduce Supply-chain Issues, Disruption, and Risks

Supplier questionnaire, audit, and remote follow-up.

A weak link in your supply chain can jeopardize product quality and damage your reputation.  Many companies do not conduct proper due diligence, assuming that it is either too expensive or too time-consuming. This easy and simple assessment is your low-cost solution to supplier due diligence.

Is Your Focus on Daily Issues or Quality Improvement?

Quality Management System Assessment

These core elements of an effective quality management system (QMS) optimize consumer and product safety, product quality, and conformance with industry requirements to increase profits.

Save when you get this 5 assessment bundle.

The Colorado Assessment Bundle

This Colorado bundle of assessments addresses everything you need to run a smooth efficient cost-saving cannabis operation.

Your Due Diligence Solution for Multi-State Cannabis Clients

Easily Customizable

This assessment app is designed for financial and insurance providers and investors that work with regulated cannabis and hemp businesses. Don't let a bad actor become your problem.

Reduce Risks in Your Dietary Supplement Operation

Dietary Supplement 21 CFR 111 Assessment

This comprehensive assessment will guide you to develop strategies for improving quality and safety and reducing regulatory risk and fines.

Reduce the cost of Food Safety Regulation Compliance

Current Good Manufacturing Practice, 21 CFR 117

Food manufacturers that do the right things right, realize a positive impact on their bottom line. They reduce quality problems, customer complaints, and recalls while increasing employee satisfaction.

Turn Your Company into a High Performer

Validating a Best Practice Assessment

Is your proclaimed "good" or "best practice" worthy of this title? Use this assessment to find out and identify gaps to truly make it the "BEST."

Experience GapCross for Yourself

Workplace Safety - Sample Application

This application provides a great way to learn about GapCross. GapCross is a new kind of tool used to transform business knowledge into reliable daily practices.

Don't Put Your Business or Customers at Risk

Cybersecurity Framework Assessment

Implement effective measures to protect your organization and your customers from cyber threats.

You Volunteered for Your Elks Lodge Audit Committee. Now What?

BPOE Quarterly Lodge Accounting Audit

This guided audit steps you through the details of performing an audit and collecting evidence of compliance with BPOE regulations. Create a professional report at anytime with the click of a button.

Light Sport Aircraft Assessment

Based on Standard ASTM F2930

This assessment provides guidance to assist manufacturers in understanding and meeting ASTM standards for light-sport aircraft.

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