Colorado Marijuana Rules, 1 CCR 212-3

Regulatory compliance can be easy. You don't need an expensive consultant to figure it out. The first step is understanding the regulations. The second step is putting systems and controls in place to ensure compliance. And the third step is monitoring compliance on an ongoing basis

Covers 218 criteria over 10 topic categories

Flag corrective actions and set to-do tasks.

Questions are rated for level of risk.

This self-paced assessment saves time and cost.

Don't wait for a warning letter, fine, recall, or bad press.

This assessment covers product safety, public safety, facilities, equipment, packaging and labeling, security, waste handling, procedures, records, signage, and a few other requirements. Track the trend as your risk-based score improves quarter after quarter. Scope questions eliminate the criteria that do not apply to your operation.

Our staff can provide clarification of a requirement, 3rd party auditing, and consulting if you feel you need it.

Consultants and auditors love the click-of-a-button professional reports.