Collaboration and Sharing

Add the ability to collaborate and share assessments and audits with clients or team members. Sharing works great for audit teams, remote audits, and collecting information from others such as a supplier audit. Collaborate with others while developing/authoring your own GapCross apps. You will find many other reasons for sharing.

Control the level of access from view-only, comment, and full modification. With "comment" access, the sharee can reply to corrective action flags and attach additional information but they can't modify any of your assessment/audit findings.

Unleash the Power of Working Together

As a consultant, increase your client's commitment by engaging them to perform internal assessments and review their findings.

Collaborate with others while authoring assessment programs or conducting audits.

Request responses to corrective action flags and/or attachments showing evidence of the corrections.

Assign procedures or training apps for staff members to perform

Share view-only access to internal assessment or audit findings with management.

For a limited time, unlimited sharing is just $10/mo. Save an additional 16% with an annual subscription. To activate collaboration and sharing go to GapCross Marketplace dashboard and search for "Share".