4 Easy Steps for Workplace Safety

  1. Experience this sample workplace safety assessment at no-cost.
  2. Customize your own safety assessments that fit your specific needs.
  3. Use your custom assessments to educate staff, and identify and resolve gaps and risks.
  4. Capture additional knowledge in your assessments to improve operational reliability and safety.

Harness the Power of Knowledge

Capture your business knowledge in apps that are easy to use and follow.

Don't let your business knowledge details walk out the door when employees leave

Build apps that capture practical tips, links to extensive knowledge, and risk-based scoring

Continuously increase your knowledge base to reduce onboarding time and eliminate costly mistakes

Reduce Errors, Reduce Waste, Reduce Training Costs, Reduce Rework, Increase Safety, Increase Profit

Using this workplace safety app is a great introduction to the power of GapCross. The more knowledge you embed into assessment, training, and work-instruction apps the more quality results you will see from your staff.